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We are building a tool to simplify the collaboration between Brands and Influencers.

MOCAPP gives you instant access to +191.700 data points from hundreds of Influencers.

In fact, over 85 agencies and over 300 brands have already requested an account.

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per month

Perfect for big companies and agencies

1-10 brands

Unlimited campaigns

Access to +900 Influencers Profiles

10 criteria search

30 Influencers profiles PDF export

Dedicated human support

10% Platform Commision

Prices are subject to VAT



per month

Perfect for companies

1 brand

Unlimited campaigns

Access to +200 Influencers profiles

10 criteria search

10 Influencers profiles PDF export

20% Platform Commision

Prices are subject to VAT


of charge

15 days free trial

Research, Discovery, Create Brief

Access to +200 Influencers Profiles

10 criteria search

Prices are subject to VAT

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*More than 10 brands or more than
30 Influencer profiles exports


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MOCAPP helps Brands discover, research and engage the right Influencers in minutes, not weeks. The platform simplifies the workflow between brands and Influencers. This shortens the time for discovery and research, from weeks to minutes. And of course, optimize the media budgets.

Register for a free account and test our platform. Get access to over 900 Influencers and their data and demographics. After 15 days you can choose one of our two paid plans, or you can contact us for a personalised plan.

After the first 15 days you need a paid plan: 94 EUR + VAT / month for One Brand plan, or 230 EUR + VAT / month for Multi Brand plan.

Our internal chat is built to help you communicate directly with Influencers. After you start a Campaign, you will have all the tools to discuss with creators and their managers.

MOCAPP has the biggest Influencers database in region and we are dedicated to connect your brand with the relevant Influencers, no matter how big or small is your business.