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Select Upcoming (Nano and Micro Influencers) Trending (Influencers with positive audience evolution) or Biggest (Macro Influencers and Celebrities)


Choose the relevant influencers near you. This is not necessary the city/region that your brand is, but the city/region where your potential customer is


Choose the niche that the Influencer is creating his/her content. This is not necessary the industry that your brand is, but the niche that your campaign will concentrate around.

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Execute campaigns from start to finish. MOCAPP is a self-service that automates marketing campaigns for agencies and brands.

  • Discovery & Research

  • Contact & Co-create

  • Report & Analyze

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How it works

  • Search Influencer or Start a Campaign

    You can search for relevant Influencers using our filters and criteria, or start a Campaign inserting your data then let our algorithm do its magic.

  • Mockups

    Using our patent-pending algorithm, MOCAPP recommends you a list of relevant Influencers, according to your criteria (budget, niches, platforms, demographics, etc.).

  • CRM

    Choose your Influencers, send them your brief, communicate and work on their content, decide what they publish, sign digital contracts.

  • Report

    Follow up with analytics, track impressions, engagement, traffic, content value.

  • Feedback

    Rate every Influencer and help the algorithm get better!

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