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For big brands & agencies. All the Grow plan benefits, plus dedicated tools and services to run at scale

€376 €230 /month

  • Comprehensive research. Enjoy free customised influencer research using 48 criteria and the expertise of our team, ensuring maximum effectiveness and reach
  • Measure results for an unlimited number of brands and sub-brands
  • Grant access to your entire team, fostering collaboration and optimising campaign management.
  • 4-hour monthly support and manage unlimited brands, catering to your business's growing needs


For small & medium companies. Collaborate with our experienced team to launch successful campaigns

€94 /month

  • Build your own ambassador community tailored to your brand's needs and values. Ideal for creating annual influencer marketing budgets and running unlimited campaigns
  • Chat directly with influencers and their teams
  • Grant access to one team member, streamlining your influencer marketing efforts
  • 1-hour monthly assistance to refine your strategies and manage up to 3 brands efficiently


For freelancers & small companies. Gain insights into influencers' fees and make informed decisions

€19 /month

  • Access to more than 50k influencers' profiles and 191k data points. Ideal for creating annual influencer marketing budgets in a few clicks
  • Budget-friendly option. Access 19 profiles/month to jumpstart your influencer search without breaking the bank

* Contacting influencers and implementing campaigns is not included. See Grow and Advanced


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Fully managed services. Our dedicated team handles every aspect of your influencer marketing campaigns

  • Scalable solutions. Tailored to your unique requirements, our custom pricing ensures the best fit for your large-scale projects and extensive budgets
  • Access in-depth data analysis, insights, and performance metrics to optimise your strategy and maximise ROI
  • Premium, priority support from our experts, guaranteeing a seamless experience and prompt assistance whenever needed

Frequently asked questions

What is MOCAPP?

MOCAPP is an Influencer Ads platform designed for Always-On Marketing, providing businesses with a suite of applications to advertise with influencers on a recurring basis. It simplifies the process of discovering, collaborating, and managing influencer campaigns, saving you time and resources. 🚀

Why use MOCAPP?

Use MOCAPP to streamline the process of finding and hiring relevant influencers, optimising your marketing campaigns, and benefiting from the unique Popular Shoppers feature. MOCAPP is designed to help businesses of all sizes utilise influencer marketing effectively. 💡

Why Always-On Marketing?

Always-On Marketing allows for continuous engagement with influencers and audiences, increasing brand exposure, more authentic content, and stronger customer relationships. This approach keeps your brand consistently visible and connected with your target audience. 📈

Why use an Influencer Marketing platform?

An Influencer Marketing platform simplifies influencer discovery, collaboration, campaign management, and performance tracking, saving you time and resources while maximising your marketing efforts. It allows businesses to focus on their core activities while leveraging influencers to grow their brand. 👏

How do I get started?

Register for a free account and test our platform for 48 hours. Get access to over 50.000 Influencers and their data. After 2 days, you can choose one of our paid plans or contact us for a personalised plan. 🙋

Why is MOCAPP unique?

MOCAPP's uniqueness lies in its Popular Shoppers feature, which reveals influential consumers with large social media communities who have already purchased from your brand. This ensures authentic and cost-effective collaborations, leading to higher engagement. 🎯

Why work with Popular Shoppers?

Popular Shoppers provide authentic content, have lower fees, and are more responsive to collaboration requests than "professional" influencers. They help create genuine connections with audiences, making them valuable assets in your marketing strategy. 💎

How much will it cost?

MOCAPP offers various subscription plans to fit different budgets and needs. The plans starts at €19/month. Please refer to our Price Plans for detailed pricing information. 💳

Is MOCAPP fit for big agencies?

Yes, MOCAPP is suitable for big agencies looking to optimise their Influencer Marketing campaigns and streamline the influencer discovery and collaboration process. It provides the necessary tools and insights for successful influencer campaigns, catering to the needs of large-scale operations. 🏢

Can MOCAPP help if I work at a Shop?

Absolutely! MOCAPP can help shops find and collaborate with relevant influencers and Popular Shoppers, driving brand awareness, engagement, and sales. By leveraging MOCAPP's capabilities, you can effectively grow your shop's online presence and reach new customers. 🛍️

Can I work with MOCAPP team?

Yes, MOCAPP offers a Managed Services plan for customers with expanded needs, providing them with tailored support and campaign management. Our dedicated team of experts will work closely with you to ensure the success of your influencer marketing campaigns. 🤝

What are the benefits of using MOCAPP?

MOCAPP provides direct access to thousands of influencers, transparency in statistics, audience data, budget optimisation, automatic contracts, and expert assistance for strategy and implementation. With MOCAPP, you maximise the potential of influencer marketing, driving growth and success for your business. 🌟