Now it's easy to go live and connect with your audience, build a live community and sell the products you’re passionate about.

How does it work

Get started with 4 easy steps.

Step 1
Select 1-5 products you want to showcase and sell.
Step 2
Choose the right Influencer to be the host of the show.
Step 3
Embed the player on your website. As simple as copy and paste.
Step 4
Promote the show to your community.

How can an Influencer help your business?

To set up a livestream event, companies typically engage a key opinion leader (KOL) or key opinion consumer (KOC) to host the show, introduce the product, and interact with the audience to trigger sales.

Live Product Tutorials
Video Interviews or "Behind-the-scenes"
"Games, Quizzes and Giveaways"

Some of our Creators and Celebrities:

You can find 950+ influencers & celebrities in our platform ✌️

Anca Madalina
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Florina Toma
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Luca Valentin
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Vlad Grigore
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Magdalena Guga Roșian
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Maria Zvinca
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Catalin Ionut
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Mara Doriana Oprea
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Our Experts Recommend

We have found that recurrent Live Sessions (minimum 2 / month) bring back the audience and builds expectation in your customers base. Also, the Influencers have a bigger impact on a long-term partnership.

Florin Grozea

Global Trends

Total marchendise value (GMV) generated by livestraming in B2C.

Total GMV generated by livestreaiming in B2C; includes mainstream brands, influencer brands, and refunded items. Source: Everbright Securities; iResearch; McKinsey analysis


Flexible costs allow you to easily run your business.

Live show

Software fee 2 Influencers Video Production Cost Creative Strategy

Starting from
€18,500 / session


Have any questions?

We recommend that your first live commerce sessions are between 30 and 45 minutes long and are hosted twice a month. This allows customers to get familiar with your new sales channel, have enough time to ask relevant questions, and interact with fellow customers. Not only that you will build a community through an interactive sales channel, but a long-term partnership with an Influencer will provide better results for your business.

What we offer you is a mix of live commerce and influencer marketing, where your customers join engaging live commerce shows hosted by top influencers, straight on your website. The eCommerce capabilities are enabled in the video experience, allowing your community to purchase goods without leaving the video experience. Live commerce has a conversion rate 5 times higher than traditional eCommerce.

The format depends on your niche on what you are actually focusing on. Brand awareness, customer re-engagement, conversions? Our team of experienced advisors will work with you not only on finding the best influencers but also on choosing the right format that will help you reach your goals. But if you want to better understand your options, you can check our article on the most used live commerce events format.

We recommend you to use an influencer for your live commerce shows, and you can select from a wide range of influencers available on Macpp.net. Using a proprietary algorithm, the platform will recommend you a list of influencers according to your criteria: niches, demographics, platforms, and more.